Directional Drilling Software

KellyDown is a well-planning and survey monitoring application designed specifically for use by well-planners and/or directional drilling coordinators at the rig-site or in the drilling office. It comprises an advanced multi-well relational database, sophisticated well-planning and survey data entry interfaces with smart data import and export modules, intuitive correction run and project-ahead modules, a comprehensive anti-collision module and full reporting capability. Its main advantage over similar products is its comprehensive list of features coupled with its user-friendly interface.

In the well-planning office, it is used to import or create multi-structure projects, configure multi-well slot templates, design simple and complex well plans, define casing programs, survey tool programs etc. and test for collision avoidance.

During the drilling stage, it is used by the directional drilling coordinator to achieve the optimum well path to one or more targets while also testing for proximity against adjacent wells in the drilling project and produce customised and professional looking reports right at the rig site.