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Download the latest install of KellyDown by clicking on each of the buttons on the right. When you are asked what you want to do with the file, click on Save. Please be patient while the files are downloaded to your hard drive.

After the files have been saved to your hard drive, unzip Setup.exe from the Setup.zip file and then double click on Setup.exe to install the application.

Don't forget to also download and install the Help Documents. This will ensure that the help files and user manual are up-to-date and accessible from within KellyDown.

Current version is (8th May 2024)

KellyDown Visualiser

The stand-alone KellyDown Visualiser may be freely distributed and allows your clients to view .kdvis files exported from KellyDown Visualiser even though they do not own a licensed copy of KellyDown.

Current version is (11th June 2021)

 KellyDown Survey Analysis

The KellyDown Survey Analysis utility reads raw MWD sensor data and calculates various parameters that may be used to assess the validity of the data. Data is displayed in tabulated and graphical form.

Bias offsets and scale adjustments may be applied to the raw accelerometer and magnetometer values to help correct for calibration errors.

Current version is (10th June 2024)