Try KellyDown for 7 Days with no obligation

After downloading and installing KellyDown onto your computer, start the application. You will be notified that you do not have a valid license and prompted to apply for a fully functional temporary license. You may continue to run KellyDown on the computer in evaluation mode. You will be able to use all of the KellyDown functionality within the example database except you will not be able to save proposal data or survey data to the database.

If you wish, you may apply for a fully functional 7-day license for evaluation purposes. Simply send an email to KellyDown support at the email address shown in the message, providing the Machine ID and Network ID also shown in the message.  Within two business days, KellyDown support will email you a temporary license allowing you to fully evaluate the software for a period of 7 days.

If after evaluating the software, you wish to purchase a perpetual KellyDown license, follow the instructions shown on the screen when you start KellyDown.

The KellyDown license is perpetual and will never expire. Each KellyDown license entitles the purchaser to limited support and all upgrades for a period of one year from the date of purchase for a single computer. 

If desired, an annual maintenance package may be purchased after the initial support period has ended, which provides continued support and upgrades.

Agilis Software Solutions reserves the right to change or modify specifications and prices at any time without prior notification.

Please CONTACT us for a quote.